Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Happy 34th Birthday

Happy birthday to me! Yeahh...my birthday today. Like usual, no celebration as i kinda dislike to celebrate it and yes, not even from the closest one. Never mind as it is not a big deal to me :)


Sounded awesome right? Being 34! Asked myself..what have i done in my whole 34 years of living? Huhuhu... Frankly speaking i do not seems have the correct answer for it.

I wish that Allah will give me a good health so that i can take a good care of my dearest family, so that i can always be near my kids in rich or poor, in bad time or good time. I love my family ya Allah.

I wish that Allah will grant me a prosperus so that i can help others in a better way.

I wish that Allah will always fill me with love, good heart, patience, strong will, positive ion always and always so that i can find my ways to my success.

Allah..thank you for always giving a chance to change. Show me the sign and please Ya Allah, do not let me be the one that you dislike.


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